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Lindsey Graham on Fox & Friends: Syria’s Assad a ‘War Criminal’ and ‘Legitimate Military Target’

Senator Lindsey Graham appeared to be sending a message to President Donald Trump via Fox & Friends on what should be done in response to Saturday’s atrocities in Syria.

“The regime has to pay a big price,” Graham told Brian Kilmeade Monday morning. “This should be the last time a barrel bomb is dropped on innocent civilians by the Assad air force. We have the capability to destroy his air force, to ground his air fleet and we should use that capability.”

Kilmeade called Syrian President Bashar al Assad, the alleged perpetrator of the chemical attack, “the most brutal killer on the planet right now.”

“There’s no way this guy should be in power if it wasn’t for the Russians,” Kilmeade added. “Should we be targeting him?”

“Yes. I think now he is a legitimate war criminal in the eyes of the international community,” Graham responded. “Assad and his inner circle should be considered war criminals [and] legitimate military targets.”

After detailing a plan to get the Arabs and the Kurds more involved in the fight against Assad, Graham said: “The world is watching the president. Iran is watching the president. Russia is watching the president, and North Korea is watching the president. This president has a chance to do exactly the opposite of Obama. Send a strong signal that there is a new sheriff in town and America is back.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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