Lou Dobbs Trashes Kevin McCarthy Following Mar-a-Lago Meeting: He Betrayed Trump and Now His Job’s ‘In the Balance’


House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy met with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago Thursday, but as far as Lou Dobbs is concerned that gesture of reconciliation wasn’t good enough.

After McCarthy went after Trump earlier this month and said he “bears responsibility” for the violent rioting at the Capitol — comments he appeared to subsequently hedge on — Dobbs said it was a pretty clear indicator of betrayal from the top Republican in the House of Representatives.

Dobbs said Thursday after McCarthy’s meeting with Trump that “the GOP lost in 2020 because it refused to acknowledge and to support Donald Trump as the leader of the party and president of the United States, the most successful one-term president in history.”

Dobbs reminded viewers of both McCarthy and Mitch McConnell saying Trump shares blame for the violence, saying, “Shame on those two RINOs.”

He slammed McCarthy’s attempted walk-back and said, “The damage has been done. The scars will be lasting.”

Dobbs said McCarthy’s “not qualified” to be the House GOP leader any longer, and predicted he’s “not long for it,” and even suggested he went to meet with Trump because his job’s “in the balance.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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