Louie Gohmert Praises Danny Glover Movies (‘Even the Dramas!’) and Bashes Democrats for Slavery At Reparations Hearing


At the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties hearing on Wednesday on the subject of reparations, and Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert took the occasion to praise invited witness Danny Glover for his movies, and to recount at length the history of Democrats and slavery.

Gohmert began his remarks with the comments to actor Danny Glover. “Any time I see your name list as being in a movie, I normally say that’s one I will enjoy, and appreciate your body of work throughout your career,” he said. “You’ve provided a great deal of enjoyment, even, even in the dramas. So thank you for that.”

After that odd aside, and a brief commentary on the application of the death penalty and hate crime legislation, Gohmert went into his recitation.

“I also heard a colleague talking about, it is critical to know our history. And I have some screenshots here from the Democratic party’s history that says our history, and I ask unanimous consent to submit that for the record. It’s interesting, and also this Wall Street Journal article, ‘The Democrats’ Missing History,’ it documents a number of things,” he said, referring to this article by former CNN pro-Trump contributor Jeffrey Lord.

The topic of the article, and Gohmert’s commentary, was about what is missing from the section of the DNC website titled Party History, from which Gohmert submitted the screenshots.

“There’s no reference in the history of the Democratic party platform supporting slavery. There were six of those from 1840 to 1860. No reference to the Democratic presidents who owned slaves, there were seven from 1800, 1861,” he said, reading from the article. “There is no reference to the number of Democratic Party platforms that either supported segregation outright or were silent on the subject. There were 20, from 1868 through 1948. No reference to Jim Crow laws, nor is there reference to the role Democrats played in creating them.”

He continued, citing the “missing years” of the party history on the website, saying there was no mention of the opposition in the party to the Civil Rights Act, or Robert Byrd and Al Gore Sr.’s Klan past, and mentioned Bull Connor as well.

“It is important that we know our history,” said Gohmert, “and we not punish people today for the sins of their predecessors in the Democratic party, but–”

He was interrupted by a shout of “you lie” from within the room.

“I just stated all facts, and, again, we have people who are denying history,” he replied. “That’s not helpful to our discussion.”

There were more objections and disorder from the room, but Gohmert moved on to his questions for former NFL star and Fox News contributor Burgess Owens.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of C-SPAN.

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