Mark Levin Assails Mueller on Fox & Friends: ‘I’ve Seen People With Onset Dementia…’

Fox News host Mark Levin suggested on Thursday that Robert Mueller’s mental health is deteriorating as he reacted to the special counsel’s testimony before Congress.

During an appearance with Fox & Friends, the conservative host ripped into Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference and the Trump campaign as “the greatest political scandal in American history.” As he continued to rail against the investigations as an anti-Trump plot concocted between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their Democratic allies, Levin was asked for what he thought of Mueller’s deflection of questions and constant referrals back to his written report.

“Look, I’ve seen people with onset dementia. I’m not going to mock this man,” Levin answered. “He obviously shouldn’t have been there. He should’ve never headed this investigation. I’m not making allegations, I’m not trying to be provocative, but the idea that Rod Rosenstein appointed this man to head the office is an outrage and he’s the one that ought to be questioned.”

Ainsley Earhardt eventually responded to Levin’s screed to note that “we have not confirmed anything about his health. There has not been anything released about that.”

“I agree,” Levin said, “but he made it quite obvious.”

“He was not on his game yesterday,” Earhardt said, moving on. “Everyone has said it was really sad to watch but, you know, we need to pray for him I guess, pray for his family.”

Levin railed against the investigation some more and called for FISA courts to be abolished. Shortly after Levin signed out, Steve Doocy revisited his speculation about Mueller’s well-being, saying “Certainly nobody mentioned anything about his health, however his testimony yesterday has a lot of people scratching their heads, wondering why he was not better prepared or why he was not more forth coming in some of the answers.”

Levin’s segment was heartily enjoyed by President Donald Trump who tweeted about it not once, but two (2) times during a spree of Fox & Friends binging.

Trump Tweets About Mark Levin


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