Mediaite’s Colby Hall Says Conservatives Are Dumping Matt Gaetz: ‘Crickets Coming from the GOP Caucus’


Mediaite Founding Editor Colby Hall weighed in on the Department of Justice’s investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) during a Monday morning appearance on Newsmax — pointing to the complete lack of support the congressman has received from his own party.

On Monday’s Wake Up America, host Rob Finnerty asked Hall to address the investigation — which is looking into a possible relationship Gaetz, who is 38, had with a 17-year-old girl, during which he allegedly paid for her to travel with him.

Shortly after Hall gave a rundown of the investigation, Finnerty addressed a column by Mediaite’s Editor in Chief Aidan McLaughlin — who wrote last week that after Gaetz appeared on Fox News 18 times in March, his scandal had been mentioned zero times in April. Fox has covered the Gaetz scandal in the days since McLaughlin’s piece.

Hall pointed to rumors that Gaetz was looking to join a media outlet just before news of the scandal broke, calling it a potential “signal that there may be some sort of smoke around this story.”

“Matt Gaetz is really good on television. He’s very telegenic. Some of the best television is when he went on CNN and he and Chris Cuomo would battle, go back and forth, because both were very confident and both had decent legal minds and would fight, and it was actually a good, engaging conversation,” Hall added. “But it’s fascinating now to see that Matt Gaetz is losing a lot of political support.”

Hall went on to note the clear lack of support Gaetz is receiving from his fellow conservatives and Republican representatives — pointing to Tucker Carlson’s stunned reaction to his interview with Gaetz last Tuesday.

“What was interesting about the Tucker Carlson thing, was that afterward, Tucker just kind of threw him under the bus and said, ‘That was weird, that was bizarre,’ and other than Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene, there’s pretty much crickets coming from the GOP caucus,” Hall said.

“He’s entertaining, he’s telegenic, but he went to Wyoming to sell out the third-ranking GOP in Congress, Liz Cheney, so he’s not getting a ton of support right now from Republicans,” Hall continued, adding, “He’s a bit on an island, and he’s probably not very happy right now.”

Bolstering Hall’s point, Finnerty did not offer Gaetz any support, instead agreeing with the editor and predicting that this week will bring even more revelations regarding the scandal.

Newsmax contributor Ameer Benno also noted that Gaetz could face up to 25 years for trafficking charges — a sentence that would only increase if the women involved are truly underage.

“His belief that she may have been older than 17 is really no defense,” Benno said, adding, “Criminally, I think there’s more involved. Remember, this investigation started under Bill Barr. This investigation isn’t something that’s recent. We’ve learned about it recently, but there’s been something going on for several months now, and the fact that he’s been talking about making a move and leaving Congress and going to some media outlet — so I agree.”

Finnerty concurred that it seemed as if Gaetz was trying to get ahead of a future problem, before asking Hall to weigh in on the news that a former Gaetz staffer is going to hold a media availability on Tuesday regarding a recent encounter with the FBI.

“I was sort of stunned when I saw that, and the truth is I don’t really know the full details, but that press release came out on Matt Gaetz’s letterhead,” Hall said, adding, “It looks like this staffer is going to basically tell all about what he knows about the FBI and sort of sell-out Rep. Gaetz.”

Watch above, via Newsmax.

Correction: This story has been updated to note that Fox News eventually covered the Matt Gaetz story after Mediaite published an op-ed noting the network had ignored the scandal for the first few days of April.

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