Meghan McCain Bashes Trump For Getting Chummy With Kim: He’s the Closest Thing of Our Time to Hitler


President Donald Trump‘s summit meeting with Kim Jong Un continues to dominate the media cycle, so naturally, The View had plenty of things to say about this historic encounter.

As the ladies discussed whether anyone can take Trump and Kim at their word for how things went, Meghan McCain objected to how the American flag and the North Korean flag were equally portrayed in the backdrop of their meeting. She also lamented how amicable Trump and Kim seemed to be throughout their meeting, and how there wasn’t more of a focus on the dictator’s crimes against humanity.

“We are not the same,” McCain said. “[Kim’s regime] is completely and utterly the closest thing to Hitler’s Germany that exists in modern time. My problem was how far it went with the buddy-buddy, and there was no talk whatsoever of the human rights violations going on in that country.”

McCain gave credit to Trump for taking the meeting with Kim in the first place, though she continued to bash POTUS for not saying more about the rogue nation’s human rights abuses.

The ladies also took time to talk about the “movie-trailer” Trump showed Kim of what North Korea could look like as a thriving, developed member of the international community. They also debated whether Trump went too far by meeting with Kim without securing a guarantee that his regime will take steps to give up their nukes and de-escalate their aggressive behavior.

Watch above, via ABC.

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