Meghan McCain Clobbers Trump for Hiding Amidst Civil Unrest: He Likes to Act Tough, But ‘President Bone Spurs’ is ‘Quite Scared’


Meghan McCain dropped the hammer on President Donald Trump as The View returned from hiatus to review the last two weeks of civil unrest following the death of George Floyd.

As the panel discussed the renewed calls for racial justice and the recent conduct of America’s political leaders, they took a deeply negative look at Trump’s St. John’s Church photo-op and his threats to deploy the U.S. Military against protesters.

When McCain joined the fray, she invoked CNN’s new poll showing Joe Biden’s double digit lead on the president, and she said the situation was “really fascinating because for the first time we’re seeing him really start to flatline in polls.”

“I have been really sort of grossly fascinated by how neutered President Trump and his administration has been by this extreme crisis,” McCain said. “He hasn’t given a long-form interview, he hasn’t given an address to the nation. All he has done was cross the street and hold up a Bible quite awkwardly, which might work for some people in his base, but it’s certainly not working for the vast parts of our population.”

While McCain acknowledged that Trump’s “law and order” messaging might have worked for Richard Nixon, she went on to say that “Trump has always prided himself and shown himself to be this big, bad, tough guy. All I see is president bone spurs who seems quite scared of the crisis that’s coming out in front of him.”

“It has been horrifying because our nation really needs leadership right now,” McCain continued.

Watch above, via ABC.

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