Meghan McCain Confronts Comey: ‘J. Edgar Hoover is Rolling Over in His Grave’ Over Book Details


Dressed in pearls and a blood-red pantsuit, The View’s conservative co-host Meghan McCain arrived fired up and ready to go for the show’s special guest on Wednesday morning, former FBI Director James Comey.

McCain took on Comey almost immediately after he was introduced to the audience, scorning him for including details about President Donald Trump’s physical appearance and other information from his tenure as the head of the federal agency. The two sparred over whether or not J. Edgar Hoover would be condemning or celebrating Comey, after McCain told Comey the first director of the FBI “is rolling over in his grave” over the details he decided to include in his book, A Higher Loyalty.

“I think maybe J. Edgar Hoover is rolling over in his grave at the things you’re revealing,” McCain said Wednesday.

“It doesn’t seem like something the director of the FBI — why are you laughing?” she continued, stopping to confront co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

“[Hoover] is the wrong guy to bring up,” Goldberg responded.

“He didn’t write a tell-all when he left,” McCain shot back.

Comey responded to the criticisms he’s received for the more salacious details he included in the book, defending his work to applause from the crowds.

“I don’t think of it as a tell-all. It’s a whole lot more than the stories that are in the last few chapters of the book,” he said. “It’s about mistakes I have made, things I’m very much ashamed of, I did when I was younger. It’s a story about portions of my life to try to tell a story. It has no classified information or sensitive information, and I know that because I wrote it and the FBI reviewed it. Hoover would probably say you followed the rules.”

Watch a clip of the tense exchange via ABC.

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