Megyn Kelly Blasts Samantha Bee’s ‘Disgusting’ Take on Ivanka: ‘How is This Acceptable?’


NBC’s Megyn Kelly put Samantha Bee and media in general on blast this morning over Bee’s gross opening monologue from Tuesday night, and the apparent double standard it reveals.

Bee opened her show last night with a far over-the-line comment about Ivanka Trump, calling her a “feckless c**t” over her father’s immigration policies, and when Kelly saw it she cut loose.

“Hate is Hate,” said Kelly. The question of a double standard in the media’s reaction to offensive, disgusting, or just rude commentary has long been a complaint on the right. It has been of conversation a lot recently, starting with Michelle Wolf’s routine at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, and on through Roseanne’s racist tweet earlier this week.

Megyn Kelly is not alone. A number of prominent conservatives have made the point this morning, including some calls for her firing.

If the reaction of Samantha Bee’s studio audience is any indication, though, the objections and outrage will remain pretty one-sided.

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