Mika Brzezinski Tears Into Meadows’ ‘Racist Side Show’: Tlaib’s Apology ‘Should’ve Never Happened’


MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski sees no reason why Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is going out of her way to make nice with Mark Meadows (R-NC) after the congresswoman called out his racism.

Morning Joe held a conversation on Friday over the hug Tlaib and Meadows shared on the House Floor a day after their fiery back-and-forth over Lynne Patton‘s appearance at Michael Cohen‘s hearing. As the MSNBC panel discussed Meadows’ history of racist comments, Brzezinski argued that Tlaib was correct in denouncing the “racist side show” put on by her colleague.

Brzezinski went on to say Tlaib’s apologetic backtracking to Meadows at the end of the hearing was “very painful,” even as she acknowledged that the freshman representative is still learning to navigate her situation. To this point, Brzezinski said Tlaib and her fellow freshman representatives need to learn how to stand their ground quickly because “that apology should’ve never happened.”

“Here’s the deal, Mr. Meadows, what you just did appeared to be racist, and I am deeply troubled and deeply offended by what just happened here in middle of this hearing. I am offended and I deserve an apology as well as women of color and African Americans across this country for what just happened, and I’m waiting for it, and I would have stood there and waited for it…[The freshmen reps] need to find their voice quickly. That apology should’ve never happened. I’m waiting for the apology by Mark Meadows.”

Brzezinski continued from there by saying Meadows’ stunt was the “lamest excuse” possible to cover for President Donald Trump‘s racism.

“She can hug him and she can put this behind her,” Brzezinski said, “but she can also look at him straight in the eye and say I’m still waiting for your apology.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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