Watch: Outraged Non-Racist Mark Meadows Promised to Send Obama ‘Home to Kenya’ TWICE


Since Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) took great exception when he was accused of a “racist act” during the Michael Cohen hearing, a second video has resurfaced showing Meadows trafficking in the racist “birther” conspiracy theory by promising supporters to sent then-President Barack Obama “home to Kenya.”

At Wednesday’s hearing, Meadows invited black Trump administration official Lynne Patton to the House Oversight Committee in order to argue that Trump is not racist, an act which caused Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) to condemn Meadows’s stunt as “racist,” and touching off a firestorm in the hearing. An offended Meadows demanded Tlaib’s words be stricken from the record, a request he later withdrew.

Shortly thereafter, a clip emerged of Meadows telling a Tea Party crowd, on June 9, 2012, that “we’re going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya, or wherever it is.”

At the time, Meadows tried to claim this was simply a “poor choice of words. But no sooner had that clip gone viral than another video resurfaced that showed Meadows using those same “poorly-chosen” words again.

At the Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots Congressional Candidate Forum on June 12, 2012, Meadows and primary opponent Vance Patterson were asked about Obama’s citizenship.

“If you’re sent to Congress, will you pursue some kind of investigation to find out whether or not this, uh, guy is really a citizen, and entitled to those authorities?” the questioner asked.

Patterson launched into a lengthy response, during which he drew laughter from Meadows by remarking “I don’t know where he’s from… Chicago, which bothers me enough just in itself.”

Then, when it was his turn to answer, Meadows said “Yes,” meaning he would investigate Obama’s citizenship. Then, he elaborated.

“You know, I see it as, if we do our job, from a grass-roots standpoint, we won’t have to worry about it,” Meadows said. “You know what? We’ll send him back home to Kenya or wherever it is. We’ll send him back home.”

Watch the full exchange above.

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