Mike Huckabee Blames School System for Mass Chanukah Attack: Educators Teach Kids There’s No ‘Right nor Wrong’


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee blamed the U.S. “education system” for the mass Chanukah attack that occurred in New York on Saturday night, in which a knife-wielding assailant stabbed five people visiting a rabbi’s home in what will likely be deemed by authorities as an incident motivated by anti-Semitism.

Huckabee began his comments, which he made on Fox Business Monday morning, by insisting that Americans have to stop the “blame game, because you have people saying, ‘Oh if you just get rid of guns we’d be fine’ because it was a machete used in a Hanukkah shooting.”

“It was a gun that stopped what would have been a horrifically worse murder situation in the [Texas] church, so it is not the weapons of choice — it is lack of heart it’s the lack of focus in human beings,” he added.

“When we have an education system that from the time these kids are tots tells them that there is nothing that is really right nor wrong, it is whatever they think it is, what ever they feel it it, whatever they believe it is, and that results in an adult becoming where they also think they don’t have to tune their lives,” Huckabee opined.

He then dove into a bizarre musical analogy to explain why a supposed lack of objective morality in the U.S. is to blame for the recent spike in domestic terrorism and hate crimes:

“Before you play a song, you’ve got to tune your instrument, so what do tune it to? Do you tune it to what you tune it to? No, you tune it to a standard. We’re a culture and society that is not tuning to any standard other than what we want, we are selfish. We’ve sat around and created this culture where it is all about me, and that is a dangerous place for us to continue going.”

In response to the mass stabbing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the attack “an act of domestic terrorism” and blamed it on the “American cancer” of intolerance and “hatred” that he said is “exploding” across the country.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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