Mollie Hemingway Dings Reported Trump July 4th Event: ‘You Shouldn’t Use Air Force One for Political Gain’


Federalist editor, and frequent Fox News guest, Mollie Hemingway is a consistent defender of all things related to President Donald Trump and a frequent critic of those who trespass against him. But during a Wednesday morning Fox & Friends segment dedicated to unfair media criticism of the commander in chief, she appeared to gently push back on reports of how the Trump Administration plans to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.

President Trump teased plans for a Lincoln Memorial address during Tuesday nights campaign rally, a clip of which was first aired on the pro-Trump morning show. Host Steve Doocy then said that when Trump went to France on Bastille Day “he was so struck by the military presence big rollout” he decided “we have got to do that here.” He then noted reports that Trump is considering a flyover of Air Force one during the celebration.

When asked to opine on Trump’s planned celebration — which many critics have questioned whether or not it was a political event — Hemingway opened by first noting that “everybody should celebrate Independence day, and Washington, D.C. Always has a really good celebration on this day.”

She then appeared to take a contra position to those who consistently support of Trump saying, “It is true that you shouldn’t use Air Force One for political gain or you should be careful when you do it.”

Some may see Hemingway’s comment as a throwaway line, and perhaps they would be right. But she is such a consistent defender of President Trump, that even a tiny bit of daylight between White House rhetoric and her take? Well, that’s unique and surprising content!

Watch above via Fox News.


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