Morning Joe Gets Painfully Awkward After Guest Asks Joe to Let Mika Speak: ‘Did Your Earpiece Go Out?’


Things got extremely awkward on the Morning Joe set this morning when Joe Scarborough snapped at a guest for seemingly chastising him for not letting his co-host/bride-to-be Mika Brzezinski speak. This eventually shifted to the wholly uncomfortable when Joe tried to engage in a little PDA with Mika while the rest of the panel — and presumably the viewers at home — looked on and cringed.

During a discussion about disinformation campaigns and fake news, Scarborough did something that regular viewers are used to seeing — he dominated the conversation. After feeling Scarborough steamrolled over Brzezinski, guest Rick Perlstein jumped in and said: “Joe, I think Mika was trying to say something there.”

Well, Joe didn’t take too kindly to that. Not at all.

After Brzezinski offered up her comments on the subject at hand, Scarborough snapped at Perlstein and wanted to know if he was having difficulty hearing the conversation.

“Rick, I am curious, did your earpiece go out?” Joe snidely asked Perlstein. “Did you not hear her say that before? I knew she was trying to say something and she said it and then I followed up.”

This led to Scarborough to address the control booth and ask them if they could verify that Perlstein’s earpiece was working, getting confirmation that it was indeed operational. Scarborough then asked Perlstein another question, but not before referencing the earpiece once again.

The cringefest continued when Scarborough tried to cuddle and hold Brzezinski’s hand as he attempted to joke about interrupting her.

“We just crossed a line!” Scarborough exclaimed. “We haven’t really done that since we’ve been engaged. Everyone has seen your grandparents kissing and we understand that we’re old people. Nobody wants to see that.”

Meanwhile, Brzezinski shouted “Oh God, don’t do that” while crossing her arms. After Joe noted that they’re engaged, Mika insisted that he stop.

This would continue for what seemed like forever until they thankfully tossed to break, with Brzezinski telling Scarborough to wait until they’re married before holding her hand on air.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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