Morning Joe Rips ‘Depravity of Conservative Media’ For Defending ‘Animal’ Roy Moore

Morning Joe tore into Republicans standing by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was accused on Friday by four women of preying on them when they were in their teens.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, who is filling in for usual hosts Joe & Mika, started by mentioning Fox News and Breitbart’s response to the allegations, claiming the report will test “the depths and depravity of conservative media outlets that defend someone like Roy Moore, who is now known to be a pedophile, unless you don’t believe the women.”

Willie Geist then ran through a number of reactions from Alabama Republicans essentially shrugging off the allegations — including the astounding “14-year-olds don’t make good decisions” remark.

“Have the politics so corrupted people that defense of the tribes supersedes a 14-year-old girl saying she was raped?” Geist asked.

“Yes,” the Morning Joe panel replied resoundingly.

“What’s happened to us?” an existential Donny Deutsche lamented, mentioning that his daughter is 14. “She’s a little girl.”

“Picture that, now visually picture this 32-year-old slime bag attorney actually coddling up to her, just play that movie out in your head,” he said.

“And how is it possible that we get to this stage where electing a Democrat is worse than electing a deviant?” asked Republican strategist Susan Del Percio.

At the end of the segment, Wallace condemned “the depravity of anyone defending him, the depravity of anyone circling the wagons and trying to make this a fake news story.”

“To see, in the minutes after this story broke, conservative media spokespeople go on TV and say ‘well the only legal problem he has is the 14-year-old,'” Wallace continued. “No, the problem he has is he’s an animal.”

“He’s an animal and Republicans are waiting to see ‘if it’s true.'”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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