MSNBC Host Asks if People Are Criticizing Kamala Harris Because They’re Secretly ‘Afraid of Her’


MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart theorized that republican criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris may stem from the fact that the GOP is secretly “afraid of her.”

The discussion took place on his Saturday show with political journalist Errin Haines, where the pair discussed the impact that Harris has had since leaving the Senate to become Joe Biden’s running mate.

GOP lawmakers and pundits have criticized Harris has an inauthentic and ineffective leader for the entirety of Biden first term in office. Her approval polls have consistently remained underwater for years, indicating she may not be popular with voters, according to FiveThirytyEight.

“It’s so silly for folks to have this this conversation,” Capehart told Haines. “My question is, are they doing it not because they think she’s incompetent, but because they know her potential and they’re afraid of her?”

“I think, you know, because the vice president is in a historic role, a lot of times you have a political press that is frankly white and male and that is used to covering our politicians that don’t look like Vice President Harris,” Haines responded. ” The vice president’s role is not something that traditionally we have paid a lot of attention to.”

Haines then questioned whether the increased scrutiny on Harris from the GOP may be due to her being the first Black woman to serve as vice president.

“And yet, because she is she is somebody that is doing this for the first time as somebody who is a black woman. We are that just draw increased scrutiny, I think took to the role,” she continued. “I think we’ve increasingly seen her showing up and doing the job. She’s been more visible. You’ve seen her kind of honing her message. And and so I think that is drawing more and more attention to her, especially as we head into 2024.

Watch the full segment above via MSNBC.

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