MSNBC Host Confronts Sean Spicer Over Sarah Sanders: ‘Do You Regret Setting the Precedent For Dishonesty?’


MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson had a dicey moment with Sean Spicer on Friday when she accused him helping the Trump Administration set the standard for their dishonesty with the country.

The former White House press secretary joined the MSNBC host to talk about Sarah Sanders’ legacy as Spicer’s successor, now that she is about to take her own leave from the White House. As the two discussed the administration’s relationship with the White House press corps, Jackson brought up public criticisms of Sanders’ level of truthfulness and honesty.

“Sarah Sanders did not always tell the truth to reporters,” Jackson said. “Do you regret setting the precedent for dishonesty when you were at the podium?”

“No,” Spicer answered with a chuckle.

“No? None? Not at all?” Jackson continued. “None of the little things that you said weren’t true you regret none of them?”

“I didn’t say that!” Spicer responded. “Did I make mistakes? Of course I did, and when I did, I tried my best to make up for those. I’ve said that there are times I should have done a better job.”

To that, Jackson noted that Spicer was the one who appointed Sanders to a high-ranking role in his old press shop, asking once more: “Were you or not setting a precedent for the tone and behavior that a press secretary should hold?”

“That’s a pretty loaded question,” Spicer countered. “There were days when I look back and – for lack of a better word – took the bait and think I could have been a better person and communicator and represented the president better.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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