CNN’s April Ryan Slams Outgoing WH Spox Sarah Sanders Once More For Old Times’ Sake


CNN political analyst and frequent Trump critic April Ryan slammed outgoing Trump spokesperson Sarah Sanders one more time on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, saying that Sanders suffers from “lie-abetes” and was one of the two worst press secretaries — along with predecessor, Sean Spicer — she had seen in her 22-year history of covering the White House.

Sanders had done “permanent damage” to the role of White House press secretary, Ryan said.

“You know, prior to Sarah becoming press secretary I used to be able to go in her office and she would give you details,” Ryan explained. “But once you get in that room and you start making personal attacks when you don’t like the legitimate questions, there’s a problem.”

As a former deputy press secretary to Sean Spicer when Trump came into office, Sanders rose to the job of chief White House spokesperson nearly two years ago after Spicer’s ignominious departure, in July 2017. Within the White House press corps, Sanders quickly earned a reputation as a combative and dismissive representative of the president. Her unswerving loyalty to the president even prompted normally friendly news outlets like Fox News to occasionally call out her over-the-top spin.

“You could not trust her,” Ryan told Lemon matter-of-factly. “I said it earlier. I’ll say it again. I’ve even tweeted it. She suffers from lie-abetes. The American people deserved better. They did not trust what she said. This is a place, the people’s house, where everything comes from war to peace and everything in between. If you can’t trust what she says, you can’t trust her.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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