MSNBC Panel Slams Ron DeSantis Over ‘Monkey This Up’ Comment: ‘When You Lose Fox…’


On Wednesday, an MSNBC panel slammed Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) after he told voters that they would  “monkey this up” if they elected his opponent, progressive Andrew Gillum, to be governor of the state instead of him.

Gillium is black.

“In response to immediate backlash, the DeSantis team released a statement saying he was obviously talking about Florida not making the wrong decision to embrace the socialist policies that Andrew Gillum espouses,” host Katy Tur said, talking about DeSantis “stepping into it” with his remarks.

She added: “It caused such an uproar Fox later made an on-air statement saying they don’t condone that language.”

Then, turning the panel, Tur noted it was a “pretty big deal” for Fox to make a statement like that.

Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin further stressed that you have a problem when you lose Fox News.

“When you lose Fox for a Republican, you’ve gone around the bend,” Rubin said. “This is the problem with candidates like this and this is why quite frankly I think it’s wrong for us in the media to talk about these two candidates as if they’re equal –  one right, one left.”

She continued on: “DeSantis is a Trumpite. He fans racial hatred, he fans fear of immigrants. And that I think is going to come out in the campaign because that’s what these guys do and they can’t help themselves. It is a question for the Florida voters. It’s a very diverse state, whether they’re going to put up with this or not.”

New York Times‘ editorial board member Mara Gay then made it clear she wasn’t buying DeSantis’ claim that he did mean it to be racist at all.

“Please, I mean, I think we’re so far beyond that at this point,” Gay replied. “I think that it was clearly racist. The remark didn’t even make any sense.”

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