MSNBC Panelist Says GOP Has Set Themselves Up for ‘A Thousand-Year Reich’ With Kavanaugh Appointment


On MSNBC, editor of Above the Law Elie Mystal was on a panel discussing the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, along with Associate Editor of Commentary Noah Rothman, MSNBC analyst Zerlina Maxwell, and SiriusXM host Danielle Moodie-Mills.

The inflammatory segment started from the premise that the GOP is “anti-woman”, progressed from there to Nazism, and rounded out the afternoon with an accusation of “mansplaining” against Rothman.

Early in the show, host Richard Lui asked the panelists about the impact on the midterm elections and the relative enthusiasm of the Republican and Democratic bases. Rothman suggested that any momentum over the Kavanaugh appointment would be hard to maintain through election day, considering how many news cycles remain. Maxwell responded that Democratic enthusiasm has been and will remain high when it comes to the “anti-woman” agenda, and that the confirmation of Kavanaugh will simply help clarify that and maybe boost fundraising.

Lui then turned to Mystal, who began right off the bat by invoking Donald Trump as the devil who “delivered” racism for “these people.”

“The thing about making a deal with the devil is that the devil backs up his bargain. The devil does not welch,” began Mystal, in a misunderstanding of the idiom. (The point of “making a deal with the devil” parables is that the devil does betray you.) He continued on his premise.

“Trump has delivered for these people on the things that they care about most,” he said. Trump “has delivered racism for these people. He has delivered misogyny for these people, and now he’s delivered the Supreme Court for these people, which is something they’ve been trying to get for a generation.”

Mystal said that the question of whether the bump for the GOP sticks, but rather what will Democrats do in November. The turnout has to be high not just for a midterm but at a level that would be high in a presidential election, he argued.

“That’s what we’re about to see. We’re going to see if this reign that they now have control over all three branches of government, we’re going to see if this reign lasts for thirty days, or two years, or a thousand-year Reich,” he said. “Because that is how, that is what these people have set themselves up for. And it’s simply a question of whether or not the Democrats are going to join the battle and meet them at the polls.”

Lui, un-phased by the comment, continued with his line of questioning about voter enthusiasm. As the show progressed along these lines, it eventually reached the point where the panel’s conservative commentator Rothman, attempting to describe what a conservative judicial philosophy entails from the perspective of someone who subscribes to that philosophy, was accused of mansplaining.

Despite the thin analysis of voter enthusiasm offered, the manner in which it was offered on the panel served as a useful thermometer of the political atmosphere anyway.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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