CNN’s Don Lemon Scolds Students Who Flashed Nazi Salute in Prom Picture: At That Age, ‘You Should Know Better’

Ben Stein Calls Mitch McConnell Confrontation ‘Disgusting’: It’s Like Brown Shirts in Early Nazi Days

TPUSA Chapter Jokes About Underage Porn, Nazi References in Leaked Chats

MSNBC Panelist Says GOP Has Set Themselves Up for ‘A Thousand-Year Reich’ With Kavanaugh Appointment

Conservative Columnist Noah Rothman Accused of ‘Mansplaining’ Roe v Wade on MSNBC: ‘Don’t Ever Do That’

WATCH: ICE Arrests Last Suspected Nazi Collaborator, Wheels Him from Home to Deport Him to Germany

Steve King Claims He Didn’t Know He Retweeted a Nazi Sympathizer… But He’s Not Deleting It

Roseanne Barr’s Penchant For Calling People Nazis is Haunting Her Show’s Revival

CNN’s Camerota Confronts Literal Nazi Running For GOP Congressional Seat in Insane Interview

NY Times Issues Semi-Apology For Nazi Profile: ‘We Regret’ Offending ‘So Many Readers’

Twitter Rips NYT for Report on ‘The Nazi Sympathizer Next Door’: ‘What The Hell Is This?’

Reddit Cracks Down On White Nationalist and Neo-Nazi Communities

The Crying Nazi Hates Being Labeled: ‘I’m a G*ddamn Human Being’

WATCH: Terrified Nazi Strips Down and Runs From Protesters: ‘I’m Not Really White Power, Man’

Confederate Statues Aren’t About Slavery — They’re About Treason

Tapper: Seems Easier for Trump to Attack Intel Agencies Than to Condemn Nazis

91-Year-Old Rep. John Dingell Wins Internet With Epic Tweet Denouncing Nazis

John Oliver on Charlottesville: Trump ‘Threw an Airball So Far Away, Landed in the Third Reich’

Sally Yates: It ‘Takes Less Than 140 Characters’ to Condemn Nazis, KKK, White Supremacists

Dem Congressman Calls Gorka a ‘Nazi’ While Criticizing Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

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