WATCH: Terrified Nazi Strips Down and Runs From Protesters: ‘I’m Not Really White Power, Man’

Dem Congressman Calls Gorka a ‘Nazi’ While Criticizing Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

It’s Time to Officially Retire ((( ))) — We Get It, Nazis Are Bad

Salon Concerned Donald Trump’s Private Security Could Turn Into Nazi SS

American Jewish Committee Tells Trump Muslim Registry Is ‘Repugnant and Unconstitutional’

Howard Dean Calls Steve Bannon a ‘Nazi’

Restaurant Rushes to Apologize After Reality Star’s Pic Shows People Doing Nazi Salute Inside

Old Profile Reveals Trump’s Bedside Reading Material Allegedly Included Hitler Speeches

Donald Trump Is Just Straight Up Retweeting White Supremacists Now

Newsweek Writer Calls Ted Cruz And His Supporters Nazis on Twitter

Louisiana Cop Fired After Photo Emerges of His Nazi Salute at KKK Rally

Dance Team’s Nazi-Themed Routine Draws Criticism, Naturally

Australian PM Apologizes for Calling Opposition Leader ‘Dr. Goebbels’

Nicki Minaj Apologizes for Nazi-Like Imagery in Music Video

‘Nazi’ Cab Driver Suspended, But Not Fired, for Wearing Swastika on the Job

GOP State Sen.: Obamacare Sign-Ups Are Like Nazi Death Trains

Billionaire Home Depot Founder Kinda Sorta Not Really Apologizes for Nazi Comparison

ALERT: The ‘Compare Everyone to Hitler’ Bug Has Now Spread to Local Politics

Ben Carson Goes Godwin: America ‘Very Much Like Nazi Germany’

College Student Tells Police His Horrifyingly Racist Flyers Were A ‘Joke’

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