MSNBC’s Elise Jordan on Matt Whitaker: His ‘Sole Qualification’ for Acting AG is Being a ‘Political Hack’ for Trump


On Thursday, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle held a panel discussion on Matt Whitaker‘s appointment to Acting Attorney General, and she and her panel were far from impressed with Whitaker’s credentials.

Ruhle kicked off the discussion by speculating about whether Whitaker will recuse himself from Robert Mueller‘s investigation — with Ruhle noting that Jeff Sessions‘s recusal was likely what caused President Donald Trump to fire him in the first place.

“We’d be foolish to think that the president didn’t check that box beforehand,” said Ruhle. “You don’t think Matthew Whitaker would’ve already expressed to the president, ‘If we hear this from the ethics lawyers, I’m still your boy?'”

L.A. Times White House reporter Eli Stokols said it was “inconceivable” that Trump would appoint Whitaker without talking with him to make sure he wouldn’t recuse himself. When Ruhle noted Whitaker’s on-the-record opposition to the Mueller probe, former George W. Bush speechwriter Peter Wehner said it was the whole reason why Whitaker got appointed — which, in his view, shows a new dimension of the “corruption” within the Trump Administration and the GOP.

“Donald Trump must’ve known that he was putting in not just a loyalist, but a hack,” Wehner said. “My suspicion is that this will be the latest link in the obstruction of justice chain…[Trump] has the ethic of a mob boss.”

MSNBC analyst and Time Magazine contributor Elise Jordan then jumped in with a prediction that Whitaker is “going to do whatever he wants to do” because he isn’t strictly bound to the law.

“This is just boundless how badly this could go, given that he’s made very clear that he is a political hack to Donald Trump, and that is his sole qualification for assuming this position.”

Finally, SiriusXM host Mark Thompson recommended that Mueller should move quickly and submit a report to Congress before the DOJ tries to undermine him.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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