MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Dismisses North Korea Summit: Trump and Kim Both ‘Established Liars’


Nicolle Wallace says that the truth of Donald Trump‘s summit with Kim Jong Un will be lost to history because neither of them can be expected to tell the truth about it.

The President and the North Korean dictator had a private meeting today before their expanded, bilateral talks about Kim’s possible nuclear disarmament. Wallace joined her colleagues tonight for MSNBC’s live coverage of the events, where she lamented the probability of Trump bloviating about the meeting and Kim putting it through his propaganda machine.

“Donald Trump isn’t an in-person negotiator he’s an in-person bloviator. There will not be a great exchange at this lunch,” Wallace opined. “It’s not inconceivable that they don’t make much more progress. Something else that was reported and shared is both men are liars. Kim Jong Un lies and Donald Trump lies. I’ve talked to two former senior official intelligence officials, it’s a known-unknown what was discussed, and it’s not known that we’ll ever know what happened in the meeting because both men are established liars.”

Rachel Maddow wondered if that might make the meeting less precarious because both sides expect their opposition to lie. Wallace determined that Trump and Kim can “say whatever they please” to their domestic audiences since Trump will have his die-hard base, while Kim will feed it to the masses through North Korean state media.

Lawrence O’Donnell was up next, and agreed with Wallace’s point, since Trump and Kim’s translators probably won’t be able to fill in all the blanks:

“History will never know. The idea that no one was taking notes certifies for history that we will never know. The translators are so intensely involved in literally that job of translating and saying as quickly as possible what the other person just said, and saying it in accessible language to the person they’re speaking to. To ask them after the fact what was said is the closest you can ever come to getting something accurate. But anyone who’s been in meetings like this can tell you it is impossible to remember every word. Donald Trump, we know will lie about what was said in that room. He might also say something true that was said in that room. That might happen. He will also take something that was said in that room and twist it to his advantage in a way that a lot of politicians might. But he will definitely, without question, invent things that were not said in that room, and claim they were.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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