MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Bashes Reports of Klobuchar Abusing Staff as Sexist : When Have We Ever Called a Man ‘Bossy?’


Stephanie Ruhle presided over a heated conversation on Monday as her MSNBC panel discussed Senator Amy Klobuchar‘s (D-MN) alleged, abusive behavior towards her staff.

As Klobuchar kicks off her 2020 presidential bid, she’s facing questions over recent reports saying has mistreated members of her staff in the past. Ruhle discussed the reports with GOP strategist Evan Siegfried and Democratic commentator Christine Quinn, and the three debated whether women of political ambition face higher levels of scrutiny than men.

Throughout the debate, Quinn complained she was “so sick and tired” of women on the rise being called names and getting undermined in a way that men don’t experience to the same degree. Siegfried countered by invoking the allegations against Klobuchar from her reported ex-staffers, which prompted Ruhle to ask him to cite a male politician who has been called out by former staffers like women who’ve been called “a bossy bitch.”

“Give example of when we talked about a man being bossy,” Ruhle asked. “When a woman stands up and is strong and commnding, she’s called bossy. When a man does the same thing, people say ‘they’re strong.'”

The clash continued to focus on unnamed sources and whether Klobuchar has answered for the “underlying character” allegations against her. Quinn argued that there’s a recurring pattern of “women being called bitches and too tough to work for,” and Ruhle noted that there’s a difference between whistleblowers and “disgruntled” people craving the spotlight.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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