Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn and David Urban Tangle in Heated Debate Over Health Care: ‘You’re Going to Lose’

CNN Contributor Christine Quinn Erupts on Trump’s Transgender Ban: ‘A Goddamn Disgrace’

Rick Santorum Claims Obama Ignored Anti-Semitism at Colleges. He Didn’t.

Lewandowski Smears Reporter as 9/11 Truther, Gets Smacked Down by CNN Host

CNN Panel Devolves Into Shoutfest Over Trump’s Taxes, Medical Records

Unprepared Hillary Surrogate Whiffs on Question About Hammering Blackberries

‘Wait a Minute!’ CNN Guests Blow Up Over Orlando Shooter’s Dad at Clinton Rally

‘She Didn’t Say a Word!’: Lewandowski Gets Slammed Over Trump’s Attacks on Ghazala Khan

CNN Commentator: Trump Asking Russia to Release Hillary Emails ‘Almost Treasonous’

Clinton Supporter: Trump Reading from Teleprompter Means He’s Qualified for 3rd Grade

‘You Have to Be Quiet!’: CNN Contributor Tries to Silence Lewandowski Over ‘Star of David’ Dispute

Christine Quinn Furiously Rebukes Trump Supporter Over Racial Attacks on Judges

Bill Maher: Maybe the GOP Should Just Stop Courting Racists Like Bundy!

Rothman: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Culture of Intimidation

How Many Corrections Did the Times Make to Maureen Dowd’s Column?

NYC Department of Health Will No Longer Fine Restaurants for Dumb Things Like Weird Potatoes

Three Cheers For Feminist Bloggers Who Called Out Obama’s Objectifying Comment About Female Politician

Mayor Bloomberg Reportedly Asked Hillary Clinton To Be Heiress To His New York City Mayoral Throne

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck On The Expansion Of Their Big Gay Empire

Panel Nerds: Women in Politics Take the Stage

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