Napolitano Pours Cold Water on Devin Nunes Shadow Ban Lawsuit: ‘It’s Not Illegal’


Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox & Friends and shot down Rep. Devin Nunes recently field lawsuit against Twitter.

Fox News was first to report on the lawsuit, and their report reveals that Nunes is accusing Twitter “of “shadow-banning conservatives” including himself to influence the 2018 elections, systematically censoring opposing viewpoints and totally ‘ignoring’ lawful complaints of repeated abusive behavior”

When asked for his expert legal opinion, “Judge Nap” charitably called Nunes court filing “novel litigation” adding that “we haven’t seen anything like this before.”

He then explained how “the First Amendment does not regulate Twitter. It’s a private entity,” the questioning the motivation behind Nunes’ lawsuit, saying “he may be doing this just to make a statement.”

After co-host Steve Doocy affirmed that assessment,  Napolitano suggested that might backfire, saying “sometimes courts don’t like to be used to make political statements but we will see where this goes.”

Brian Kilmeade pushed back saying “one thing is he saying he shadowbans. His tweets aren’t being seen and he is being suppressed.”

Nap agreed, saying “that’s horrible. If it happened to me I would be furious,” before making it clear that “It’s not illegal. They are not the government.”

Watch above courtesy of Fox News.

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