NBC News Fires Producer Involved In Editing Zimmerman 911 Call

NBC News officially fired the unnamed producer who was heavily involved in editing and releasing the version of George Zimmerman‘s 911 call that he made as he was following Trayvon Martin. According to Brian Stelter in the New York Times, the producer was fired yesterday, and the news was independently confirmed by two individuals “with direct knowledge of the disciplinary action.” They declined to say who the producer in question was.

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You’ll recall that NBC launched an internal investigation into the matter earlier this week, after it was revealed that Zimmerman was unfairly taken out of context by the editing of the segment on The Today Show.

Stelter gives more context to how NBC has been handling the situation over the past few days.

On April 4, the network news division said in a statement that it deeply regretted the “error made in the production process.”

“We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers,” the network said.

It did not specify what steps it would take. But one day later it dismissed a Miami-based producer who had worked at NBC for several years.

The people with direct knowledge of the firing characterized the misleading edit as a mistake, not a purposeful act.

Watch the Today Show segment below featuring the edited 911 call:

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