NBC’s Craig Melvin: NFL Players Already Planning New Ways to Protest

“This isn’t over,” NBC’s Craig Melvin said of the NFL’s new policy to deal with players who protest the national anthem.

The NFL announced on Wednesday that teams will be fined if their players kneel for the anthem, a form of protest used to object to police brutality and social injustice that has caused a headache for the league. Teams will not be fined if players stay in the locker room for the anthem, but if they come out onto the field, they have to stand.

Melvin noted on the Today show that the MLB and the NHL don’t have anthem rules, but that the NBA “takes it even a step further, the policy is players actually have to stand in a dignified manner during the national anthem.”

“Nonetheless though, the NBA, though players have managed to develop a bit of a reputation for being even more socially aware than a lot of their professional counterparts,” Melvin said.

“But here’s the thing: this isn’t over,” Melvin continued. “I think the league probably thought yesterday that this would be a decision that would put it to rest. I talked to a former NFL player yesterday who said that players are already talking about other ways in which they can protest.”

“So we’ll be talking about this for some time.”

Watch above, via NBC News.

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