Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Defends Cuomo: ‘I Can See a Freakin’ Witch Hunt When It Happens’


Newsmax host Greg Kelly defended embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after the state attorney general’s office released a report that concluded he had sexually harassed multiple women and broke state and federal law. Attorney General Letitia James did not announce any charges against the Democrat.

Cuomo denied wrongdoing. “That’s just not who I am,” he said.

“Mob mentality has formed yet again around Andrew Cuomo this time,” Kelly told his audience on Tuesday night, before referencing the attorney general’s report.

“Here’s the thing,” said Kelly. “I’m not buying it.”

The host said he’s “not a fan” of Cuomo, “but he’s no sexual predator.”

“What is said about him can be said about a lot of people, actually. And if he goes down, I think a lot of people will be at risk. Isn’t it wild that this guy is suddenly a monster, yet we’ve all seen Joe Biden grab and smell and grope people for years and the left elevated him to the presidency?”

Kelly said he’s skeptical of the report because he’s leery of James, who may have higher political aspirations. After playing a clip of James speaking at a news conference earlier in the day, Kelly said, “You can tell right now. I mean, she’s just overdoing it.”

“I’ve been through the report,” he said. “It’s a couple hundred pages long, but the meat of it? I’m sorry. I don’t think it’s there.”

Kelly noted that one of Cuomo’s accusers said the governor subjected her to unwelcome nonconsensual kissing, touching and comments.

“I didn’t like this as a kid. I was not a kisser when I was eight years old, but people say hello by kissing. You’ve seen it a million times.” As Kelly said this, the network played b-roll of famous people kissing each other hello.

“For centuries, that’s the way it worked,” he claimed.

Kelly did not mention the fact that two of the women in the report said Cuomo kissed them on the lips. In recapping the report, he also omitted the allegations by two women that Cuomo had grabbed their butts, an allegation by another who said Cuomo grabbed her breast, as well as a host of weird and creepy comments Cuomo is accused of making.

“I believe him,” said Kelly. “And I know stuff that happens. I can see a freakin’ witch hunt when it happens and that’s what’s happening here. ”

Kelly added, “There are some things in here that are disturbing maybe, but I think he’s being railroaded.”

Watch above via Newsmax.

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