Nicolle Wallace: Obama Admin ‘Didn’t Have a Network Distorting the Truth for It,’ Trump Does


So, umm, tell us how you really feel, Nicolle.

This afternoon on Deadline: White House, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace highlighted the following tweet in which former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul stated he had just watched Sean Hannity‘s Fox News program and it reminded him of the “whataboutism argument Putin’s TV channels make.”

“So, you know, I guess one of the differences between any stipulated lack of fulsomeness in the Obama era response was it didn’t have a network distorting the truth for it,” Wallace noted. “Donald Trump does.”

After NYT’s Jim Rutenberg said there was some truth in highlighting that America has engaged in election meddling in the past but that it’s not always in the same vein as what Russia did, Wallace pointed out that the United States tends to do this in supporting democracies.

“I’m not sure of any sort of embrace or national interest in permitting Russia to intervene in our democratic process,” she added.

“Right, and that whataboutism is coming to dominate the political discussion and the wind at this president’s back, and, so, yes, Sean Hannity is very much of a part of that,” Rutenberg said. “Look over there, look over there, look over there, guess what’s happening in the meantime.”

After HuffPost’s Lydia Polgreen said whataboutism was what the Soviets did and it represents the “highest and rankest hypocrisy,” Wallace made another observation about Fox News.

“A president echoing — it’s also, Fox News existed as an echochamber for the politicians they supported,” she noted. “You now have the politician himself echoing the echochamber.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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