O’Reilly Throws Shade at CNBC, Tells Pres Candidates to ‘Stop Whining’


Fox News darling Bill O’Reilly used his time on Tuesday’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to throw some more shade at rival news network CNBC for their infamously bad handling of the third GOP debate. In addition, the Killing Reagan author complained about the presidential candidates’ excessive complaining.

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon opened up the interview by asking O’Reilly what he thought of the CNBC-run Republican debate, which resulted in what RNC Chairman Reince Priebus called a “crap sandwich.” The O’Reilly Factor host had previously expressed his opinion of the media farce on his program, but Fallon’s question invited further scrutiny.

“You can be tough on them, and you should be. Any moderator should be tough on these people, because they want power over all of us. You really have to put them through their paces,” he said, before adding: “But when you’re openly hostile, then it becomes — as [Ted Cruz] said — a ‘cage match.’ And then people get uncomfortable, so you don’t get enough information coming out. That’s the mistake the CNBC people made.”

Despite O’Reilly’s company-line slugs, he also had harsh words for the presidential candidates themselves: “These guys got to stop whining. If you think you’re being treated unfairly, you’ve got a microphone. Let ’em have it. That’s why [Donald Trump] is ahead in the polls.”

Earlier in the program, O’Reilly expressed the same sentiment during Fallon’s opening segment. The comedian brought the pundit on during the monologue to discuss the GOP’s ongoing frustration with the CNBC debate, as well as the demands made by some of the candidates.

“If anybody gets to yell that loud on Fox News, it should be me!” he exclaimed in a faux direct address to Trump, whom he accused of being too loud.

As for his other demands for the presidential candidates in future debates, O’Reilly warned against excessive complaining, inadequate answers for questions posed, and staying within the time allotted.

Whether or not you like O’Reilly, Fallon, Fox News or CNBC, the jokes and the comments have a point about who exactly should be making the demands at these televised debates. The candidates, the moderators, or… erm… the voters?

Check out the clips above, via NBC.

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