comScore Pat Robertson Speaks On Tim Tebow, Makes Impossible Segue

Pat Robertson Shows Off Football Knowledge In Tebow Segment, Show Promptly Segues To Sex Trafficking Story

After a pre-taped 700 Club segment on Tim Tebow Monday morning, hosts Pat Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen raved about the Denver quarterback’s outstanding performance Sunday night in the NFL playoffs, with Robertson remarking that it looked like Tebow had “lasers on his arm. It was unbelievable!”

Robertson then went deeper into his sports knowledge, noting a bit of trivia about Ben Roethlisberger‘s uniform number (it’s an homage to Denver legend John Elway) and praising Broncos coach John Fox for his play-calling.

“They might just take New England and go to the Super Bowl,” Robertson said, before taking a dig at all the experts who predicted a Pittsburgh win (calling out Fox’s Howie Long by name).

“It was a fun day!” Meeuwsen remarked.

“A-MEN!” Robertson gleefully responded.

Turning to the camera, Meeuwsen then introduced a story on sex trafficking in the U.S. It was one of the weirdest segues — from lauding Tebow and taking digs at Howie Long to sex trafficking — you may see today.

Watch Robertson’s deep sports knowledge, followed by the world’s most poorly-timed segue, below, courtesy of CBN:

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