Pompeo Compares John Bolton to Edward Snowden: ‘Information He Has Released Puts Criminal Liability Squarely on Him’


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo compared John Bolton to Edward Snowden in railing against information contained in his book on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night.

Hannity said he knows for a fact Bolton is a liar and brought up past comments from him praising President Donald Trump.

“It’s both sad and dangerous,” Pompeo said.

He said there are lots of lies and falsehoods contained in Bolton’s book, claiming, “The president and others, myself included, had to cut him out of meetings because he was leaking or he’d twist things or he’d lie.”

“It was a really difficult situation where John Bolton thought he was more important than the President of the United States and the American people,” Pompeo continued.

Pompeo went on to even compare Bolton to Snowden (who Bolton once said committed treason and “ought to swing from a tall oak tree”):

“Frankly the information he has released puts criminal liability squarely on him. We all saw what’s happened when people leak classified information like Edward Snowden. What John Bolton did here is not dissimilar from that, and while we’ll leave open for the Justice Department to take its action, this kind of information getting out — it presents real risk and real harm to the United States of America.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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