Pompeo Squirms Under Brutal Questioning From Maria Bartiromo on Syria: Does This Make Israel Less Safe?


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a rough interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday, as she confronted him with questions on President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of troops from northern Syria.

The interview which came to a peak when Bartiromo asked why it’s not in America’s national security interest to keep a small group of troops in the region to stop Turkey’s invasion that threatens U.S.-allied Kurds to lose control over Syrian oil fields and detained ISIS fighters.

Pompeo absolved Trump of blame for the crisis, blaming Turkey’s President Erdogan, but Bartiromo pressed on by noting that it was the role of American troops in Northern Syria to provide backup to the Kurds who were “doing bulk of the fighting.” Bartiromo also noted that “we have not lost many people in the last five years,” while the Kurds have suffered mass casualties.

“Every American life matters an awful lot Maria,” Pompeo replied.

Bartiromo appeared to take offense to Pompeo’s suggestion, before shooting back: “How many people have we lost? How many people have we lost in five years?”

“Yeah,” Pompeo said. “It’s been more than any American would wish.”

Bartiromo argued America “wronged” its allies with the troop withdrawal and alleviated the pressure campaign on Iran. Pompeo insisted that “the Islamic Republic of Iran is feeling full might, the full pressure of the United States of America,” and Bartiromo moved on to ask if there is a strategy “to hit back at Turkey.”

The interview continued with Bartiromo and Pompeo going back and forth on whether Trump “greenlit” the invasion with the troop pullout, and what would conflict with Turkey mean for NATO. Eventually, Bartiromo noted comments from the former prime minister of Israel Ehud Barak who said that Russia, Bashar al-Assad, Iran, and ISIS are the biggest winners from the situation in Syria.

“Is it your belief that Israel today is less safe as a result of this move?” Bartiromo asked, to which, Pompeo responded with a singular “No.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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