Populist Pete: Buttigieg Boasts That He’s ‘The Least Wealthy Person’ on Debate Stage

Sound Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg had a moment at the Wednesday night 2020 Democratic Debate when he boasted that he was the least wealthy candidate standing on the stage.

Shortly after Andrew Yang surprisingly defended Tom Steyer for spending money on causes like combatting climate change, Buttigieg was asked why “Why should Democrats take the risk of betting on you?” Buttigieg answered that he can appeal to the communities who voted for President Donald Trump, also remarking, “I don’t talk a big game about helping the working class while helicoptering between golf courses with my name on them. I don’t even golf.”

“As a matter of fact,” Buttigieg continued, “I never thought I’d be on a Forbes magazine list, but they did one of all the candidates by wealth, and I am literally the least wealthy person on this stage. I also wore the uniform of this country and know what is at stake in the decisions that are made in the Oval Office and in the Situation Room. And I know how to bring people together to get things done.”

Buttigieg’s comments about his wealth drew audible laughter from the audience.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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