Kamala Harris Calls Out Trump Getting ‘Punk’d’ by North Korea: ‘He’s Traded a Photo-Op for Nothing’


2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris went after President Donald Trump’s dealings with North Korea, arguing Trump has gotten “punk’d” by the country.

“Donald Trump got punk’d,” Harris told moderator Andrea Mitchell. “He has conducted foreign policy since day one borne out of a very fragile ego. That fails to understand that one of the most important responsibilities of the commander in chief is to concern herself with the security of our nation and homeland.”

“What Donald Trump has done from pulling out of the Paris agreement to pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal to consistently turning back on people who have stood with us in difficult times including most recently the Kurds, it points out that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the national security of our nation at this moment,” Harris continued.

Mitchell then followed up by asking if Harris would make any concessions to North Korea if she was president.

“There are no concessions to be made,” Harris responded. “He has traded a photo-op for nothing.”

“By shutting down the operations with South Korea for the last year and a half, so those operations which should be and those exercises which should be active because they are within our best national security, the relationship that we have in Japan, he has in every way compromised our ability to have any influence on slowing down or at least having a check and balance on North Korea’s nuclear program,” Harris said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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