Psaki Blasts Republicans Over Claim Democrats Support Abortion Up Until Birth: ‘Entirely Misleading’


MSNBC Host Jen Psaki blasted Republican presidential candidates for claiming Democrats support abortion up until birth during the first GOP primary debate.

During the debate on Fox News earlier this week, candidates such as Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley claimed that Democrats are in support for late-term abortion. Psaki sent out a tweet during the debate that read, “No one supports abortion up until birth.”

“This claim that Democrats support abortion up until the moment of birth is entirely misleading. First of all, abortions past the point of fetal viability do not happen often. They are incredibly rare. And those that do happen involve agonizing, emotional, and ethical decisions,” she told her audience on Inside With Jen Psaki on Sunday morning.

The former Biden press secretary then cited statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that 90 percent of abortions take place in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and that less than one percent are late-term abortions after 21 weeks.

“No one is running on the platform of aborting viable babies. No one is selling late term abortions as Ron DeSantis claims. No one. Not Joe Biden. Not Kamala Harris. Not Hillary Clinton. Not Nancy Pelosi — or any other politician demonized by the right wing — roots for more late-term abortions,” Psaki continued.

“Are Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott in favor of a mother dying as a result of her pregnancy,” Psaki said. “If a doctor determines a baby can not survive outside of the womb should a mother be required to carry that baby to term? And those choices should not be made by any politician or any legislature.”

She concluded, “They should be made by the woman carrying the baby and by her doctor. That is what Democrats are trying to protect. That is not politics. That is healthcare.

Watch the full clip above via MSNBC.

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