Ralph Peters Says Mueller Report is Not the End: Why is Trump ‘So Slavishly Subordinate’ to Putin?


Retired Lt. Col. and former Fox News analyst Ralph Peters ripped President Donald Trump on Friday night, noting that while there may have not have been conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, Trump — as an individual — is still “slavish” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“And as far as the Russian contacts go, there’s some things the Mueller report didn’t cover, because they were just outside of his lane,” Peters told CNN host Anderson Cooper.

He added: “The fundamental question for me remains, why is the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, so slavishly subordinate to Vladimir Putin? Why will he do his best to block Congressionally mandated sanctions? Why did the Republican platform change in 2016 to hurt Ukraine and help Russia? Why does he have to meet behind closed doors with Vladimir Putin, so on and so on. The report is not the end. It’s a milestone, but there’s much more to come.”

Cooper then asked Peters if he meant he did not believe Mueller’s conclusion.

Peters then clarified.

“No, there may have been no conspiracy between the campaign, for various reasons, incompetence, not the least of these. It takes a marginal degree of competence to organize an effective conspiracy. I’m talking about the individual, Donald J. Trump. And we don’t know why he’s slavish to Putin.”

He further added that while Trump will turn on other authoritarian leaders, “when it comes to Putin, not a word of criticism of Vladimir Putin has ever, to my knowledge, escaped our president’s usually open lips.”

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