Reince Priebus: ‘We Don’t Know of Any Contacts with Russian Agents’

On Meet the Press this morning, Chuck Todd pressed Reince Priebus about Michael Flynn and recent reports on Trump aides having contact with Russian intel officials before the election.

Priebus walked through the timeline of when the White House learned they had been misled by Flynn, saying, “It turned more or less into a conversation about whether or not he was being honest with us and the vice president. And the president asked for his resignation, and we got it.”

Todd asked him if this was just an “honest mistake” or something “more nefarious.” Priebus said what Flynn did wasn’t illegal and said, “It’s up to the DOJ and the FBI to take it any further, if that’s what they do.”

He also told Todd that as far as he knows, no one else inside the White House has been interviewed by the FBI over the last few months.

Todd then pivoted to the issue raised by reports last week on Trump aides speaking with Russian intel officials before the election. Priebus said this in response:

“The answer is no. And we don’t know of any contacts with Russian agents. And that gets to that New York Times story, Chuck. I mean we’ve spent days talking about a story that says that our campaign had constant contacts with Russian spies. And I can tell you, I’ve talked to the top levels of the intelligence community. And they’ve assured me that that New York Times story was grossly overstated, and inaccurate and totally wrong.”

He insisted that he wouldn’t be on TV saying this if he wasn’t cleared to say so.

The interview ended with Todd questioning Priebus about Trump’s “enemy” tweet. And Todd even wrapped by saying, “Thanks for coming behind enemy lines.”

Watch the full interview above, via NBC.

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