Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Anti-Gay Marriage Stance Baffles Jay Leno

Rep. Michele Bachmann made her late-night debut as a Presidential candidate last night, and given her hardline conservative stances on social issues, it was no surprise that she and Tonight Show host Jay Leno butted heads on a few issues– albeit in much milder conversation than many are accustomed to see with her. Of particular note was Rep. Bachmann’s exchange with the host over same-sex marriage, who seemed to find sincerely problematic the position that such marriage endangers the American family.

“Why is that even an issue?” Leno inquired of Rep. Bachmann, trying to find an angle from which he could agree with the Congresswoman that the preservation of heterosexual marriage was integral to the functioning of the Union. “The family is foundational,” she replied, “and a man and a woman has been what the law has been for years and years and years.” While it did appear that Leno bought the idea that heterosexual marriage is a good thing (“I tried it myself, it works great for me!”), he tried to argued that the “wonderful people” in same-sex marriages should be allowed to be happy. “I have to admit,” he concluded, “that’s the part I don’t get.”

Rep. Bachmann replied with several muted “yeahs,” but didn’t challenge the claims. This was, after all, a late-night show.

The segment via NBC below:

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