Reporters Grill Sarah Sanders over Stunning Giuliani Interview: ‘How are the American People Expected to Believe’ Trump?


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders faced some tough questions from the press in her first press briefing after Rudy Giuliani‘s bombshell interview on Sean Hannity‘s show Wednesday night.

One of the first questions came from the AP’s Zeke Miller who asked why President Donald Trump said just weeks ago that he did not know about the payment.

“Can you explain why the president when he spoke, asked the questions to reporters a few weeks ago about the $130,000 payment for Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels why the president was not truthful with the American people?” Miller asked.

Sanders replied in a refrain heard thought the presser: “As Mayor Giuliani stated and I’ll refer you back to his comments this was information that the president didn’t know at the time but eventually learned.”

ABC’s Jon Karl then tried to press her further.

“Can I ask you when the president so often says things that turn out not to be true, when the president of the White House showed what appears to be a blatant disregard of the truth, how are the American people expected to believe what is said here or the president?”

Sanders replied with another well-worn line, claiming, “We give the best information we have at the time. I do that every single day and will continue to do that every day under this position.”

Karl was not done.

“When the story came out that Ty Cobb would be leaving and [Emmet] Flood would be coming in, the president said fake news, it was not true. When he talks about the prisoners in North Korea he said the previous administration failed to get them out. Two of them were taken prisoner while Donald Trump was president. Obviously, totally conflicting statements on the Stormy Daniels story. These are statements that are just not true,” the White House correspondent told Sanders.

Sanders first tried to point at Otto Warmbier before repeating, “We give the best information possible at the time. We will continue to do that every day.”

“Michael Cohen back in February of last year, the reimbursement was happening long before the president was asked about this,” Karl then retorted. I’m saying how could he not have known, he was paying him back?”

Once again, Sanders deflected. “I refer you to the statement, the lengthy statements made by Giuliani both last night and this morning as well as the president’s tweets where they spoke about that.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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