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Richard Simmons Goes Bonkers, Breaks Down Crying on Fox; Says Obamas ‘Rejected’ Him

The day before Thanksgiving 2013 shall hereby be known as “Richard Simmons Makes Hilarious Media Appearances Day.”

The fitness guru dropped by the HuffPost Live studios to talk about his efforts in fighting childhood obesity. The conversation became critical of the Obama family when Simmons revealed that he was rejected in his attempt to join the First Lady in her “Let’s Move!” campaign.

“I’m just not their set of sheets,” he told host Ricky Camilleri while wearing a set of anatomical muscle leggings and a “SWEAT” tank top. Simmons bristled at Camilleri’s suggestion that perhaps the White House doesn’t want to be associated with the fitness guru’s over-the-top behavior and “flamboyant” nature.

Several hours later, Simmons dropped by the Fox News studio for yet another golden segment with Neil Cavuto. There’s way too much to describe within this 13-minute powerhouse of pre-holiday craziness, but suffice it to say: Simmons cries (twice), climbs over the news desk, suggestively licks cupcake frosting, pulls his leg over his head, breaks out in song, and waves to imaginary(?) fans outside the studio.

In other words: Pure gold.

Watch the Fox segment below:

And a snippet of the HuffPost Live interview:

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