HuffPost Reporter Accidentally Texts Former Congressman, Who Replies With Joke About Boehner



Matt Fuller, a congressional correspondent for Huffington Post, offered a lesson on what might happen when you text and drive. It didn’t involve an accident, but it inadvertently concluded with a one-liner from a former congressman.

On Friday, Fuller sent a crude birthday text message while driving to someone he thought was his cousin. However, to his horror, it was actually former Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp. The Huffington Post journalist revealed his message in a Twitter post:

A half hour later, Fuller disclosed that Huelskamp had replied to him, but initially stated that it was “off-the-record.” However, the former Kansas politician granted the correspondent permission to reveal his humorous reply, and he posted a screengrab later that hour.

Predictably, the Twitter replies flooded in to Fuller’s post from journalists and pundits.

Fuller offered a postscript on his accidental text message twelve minutes after he revealed Huelskamp’s response.

The former representative also responded indirectly to the exchange by correcting a local TV station’s reporting on it.

[image via screengrab]

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