Right-Wing Pundit Jesse Kelly Speaks Out on Twitter Ban, Warns Tucker Carlson: ‘They’ll Come For You Too’


GOP congressional candidate-turned-conservative pundit Jesse Kelly spoke out against Twitter Monday night after he was banned from the social media platform.

Kelly’s banning has drawn a lot of conservative outrage since it’s not clear where exactly he violated Twitter’s policies, and Twitter has yet to provide an explanation for his suspension.

Tucker Carlson spoke to Kelly and tried to get to the bottom of what happened. Kelly insisted he never broke any rules, and so, he claimed, “[they] kicked me off the platform because I was a mainstream voice on the right that spoke the truth.”

“They did exactly what I said they would do,” Kelly said. “They came for Alex Jones first because he’s a nut job and they wanted to see how the right would react. They got him, and I knew they were coming for me. They’ll come for you too.”

Carlson’s show has defended Jones on free speech grounds in the past, and at the mention of the Infowars chief, Carlson lamented the censorship of “people who dissent from the conventional view of everything we are now required to believe at gunpoint.”

Kelly noted that people like Louis Farrakhan — who has been widely condemned for anti-Semitic comments — are allowed to keep their Twitter accounts. Kelly added that if the censorship continues, soon the only conversation left will be “two feminists screaming at each other because one of them accidentally found a boyfriend.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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