comScore S.E. Cupp Shreds Clinton Over Defensive Lewinsky Statements: ‘Pathologically Incapable of Shame’

S.E. Cupp Shreds Clinton Over Defensive Lewinsky Statements: ‘Pathologically Incapable of Shame’


HLN’s S.E. Cupp tore into former President Bill Clinton today for saying that he doesn’t owe Monica Lewinsky a personal apology over their infamous affair.

The former president was widely condemned on Monday after giving an interview on NBC in which he refused to accept any responsibility for the sexual misconduct culture that eventually prompted the #MeToo movement.

Cupp stated that “words can’t adequately convey how disturbing” it is that Clinton still doesn’t know better after so many years.

“It’s like watching a con artist brag about pulling one over on an unsuspecting family,” Cupp said. “That man is frighteningly, pathologically incapable of shame.”

Cupp also made it clear she wasn’t impressed with how Clinton blames President Donald Trump‘s sexual misconduct allegations for the renewed interest surrounding the Lewinsky affair. She attributed this to the “sense of entitlement” Clinton shares with serial sexual harassers like Harvey Weinstein and others who have tried to suppress their victims.

“What is surprising about his recent comments, however, is that Clinton is a shell of the skilled politician he used to be, where once empathy – remember “I feel your pain” – was his greatest asset, he seemed totally unable or unwilling to even feign the emotion this weekend. Pretending to care convincingly is American politicians’ whole ball game, and that Clinton couldn’t pretend for a few minutes while on national television, couldn’t muster a modicum of sympathy for victims of sexual harassment more generally, says a whole lot about the politician he used to be and maybe about the man he always was.

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