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The View Breaks Down ‘Painful’ WH Briefing on Stormy Daniels: Sarah Sanders is an ‘Amateur Liar’

Jake Tapper: If Clinton-Lynch Meeting Was Bad, What About Trump Asking McCabe Who He Voted For?

Here’s Why ‘Nothing Really Matters’ in the Era of Trump

TBT: On Anniversary of Lewinsky Scandal, Watch What Trump Had to Say in 1998

20 Years Ago Today, the Media Changed Forever and the Seeds for a Trump Presidency Were Planted

Fox News Launches Documentary Series Called ‘Scandalous’: First Season to Focus on Clintons

Monica Lewinsky Fixes Headline on Upcoming HLN Clinton Scandal Special: ‘You’re Welcome’

Ex-Obama Cabinet Sec. Sebelius Rips Dems, Hillary: ‘They Went After’ Bill Clinton’s Accusers

Mika Brzezinski Calls Out Bill Clinton Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct: ‘This is Why We Have Trump’

Hillary Clinton Pines For The Days When Her Lies Went Unchallenged

Dem Rep. Jackie Speier: Bill Clinton’s Accusers ‘Should Have Been Believed’

Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones React To Hillary Clinton’s Claim They ‘Misremembered’ Assaults: That’s Ludicrous!

Laura Ingraham Slams Kirsten Gillibrand’s ‘Political Expediency’ On Clinton: She’s Prepping For 2020

Chelsea Handler on Juanita Broaddrick: ‘Every Victim Deserves To Be Heard’

Ex-Clinton Aide Dismisses New Focus on Bill’s Accusers: We Already Had ‘Reckoning’ Years Ago

Fmr. Clinton Adviser Hits Back at ‘Hypocrite’ Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand For Saying Bill Should Have Resigned

Tomi Lahren, Dem Strategist Battle Over Bill Clinton Allegations: Hillary Is ‘Just as Responsible!’

S.E. Cupp on Rape Allegations Against Bill Clinton: ‘Time For Liberals to Pay a Long Overdue Bill’

Mediaite‘s Larry O’Connor: Bill Clinton ‘Getting a Pass’ For Assault ‘Had a Powerful Influence on Our Culture’

Liberals Finally Piling on Bill Clinton Over Sexual Assault Allegations Are Anything But Brave

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