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Bill Clinton Calls Out Trump Immigration Policies in Somber Father’s Day Message: ‘Children Should Not Be a Negotiating Tool’

Trevor Noah Mocks Bill Clinton’s Book Tour: ‘You Know Who I Really Feel Bad For? James Patterson’

Bill Clinton’s New Novel Sells Staggering Number of Copies in First Week Despite Trainwreck Media Blitz

Jake Tapper on Bill Clinton’s Recent #MeToo Stumbles: I’m ‘Amazed’ How Poorly He’s Handled These Questions

Bill Clinton Baffles Twitter With Creepy #MeToo Comment: ‘Norms Have Really Changed…’

Former Clinton Investigator Ken Starr Says Trump Has ‘Moral Obligation’ to Sit Down With Mueller

Jill Stein Responds After Bill Clinton Says She Was ‘The Preferred Alternative of the Russians’

Bill Clinton Questions Al Franken Accusations: ’Women on Saturday Night Live’ Defended Him

WATCH: Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Go At It Over ‘Moral Compromises’ of Trump, Clinton Defenders

Today Show Fires Back at Bill Clinton For ‘Making False Allegations’ About Interview

Bill Clinton Doesn’t Think He Could Have Pardoned Himself: ‘None Of Us Ever Considered That’

Bill Clinton Throws Shade at Obama: ‘He Could Have Done Even More’ to Push Democrats to Vote

Colbert to Bill Clinton: You Seemed ‘Offended’ by #MeToo Questions and You’re a ‘Famous Example’ of Misbehavior

Gennifer Flowers Says Bill Clinton Sexually Harassed Her Before Affair: ‘He’s a Huge Abuser’ of #MeToo

Colbert Lets Bill Clinton Have a ‘Do-Over’ On Lewinsky Interview: ‘It Wasn’t My Finest Hour’

Fox News Host: President Got Away With Sexual Misconduct Because Own Party Never Held Him Accountable

Bill Clinton’s Today Show Interview Was a Disaster, But He Does Have One Valid Point

Bill Clinton Responds to Backlash Over Lewinsky Interview: ‘I Got Hot Under the Collar’

MSNBC’s Katy Tur: Why Couldn’t ‘Combative’ Bill Clinton Just Apologize to Monica Lewinsky?

S.E. Cupp Shreds Clinton Over Defensive Lewinsky Statements: ‘Pathologically Incapable of Shame’

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