Sam Nunberg: Roger Stone ‘Will Get Indicted’ By Mueller


Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation has already racked up 17 indictments, and on Sunday, former Trump campaign advisor Sam Nunberg said he thinks his “mentor” Roger Stone will join that list.

“Do you think Roger Stone is in any legal jeopardy?” MSNBC’s Alex Witt asked Nunberg in an interview about the political operative and Trump ally.

“I think Roger is most likely — and he’s prepared for this and he should be — is going to get indicted, on some financial, I’d say picayune matter,” Nunberg said.

“Roger will get indicted on some stupid financial thing,” Nunberg confirmed later when Witt again asked him about it.

Stone already admitted earlier that day on Meet the Press that he’s “prepared” for an indictment “should that be the case.”

But Nunberg is confident any action taken by Mueller against Stone wouldn’t hold much water.

“He’ll eventually, I believe, will beat it because that’s Andrew Weissmann’s track record,” Nunberg said, referring to the lawyer on the special counsel’s investigative team who’s been accused of harboring a bias against Trump.

Nunberg again raised that argument with Witt, noting Weissmann made an appearance at Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 election night gathering at New York City’s Javits Center.

“Mueller is treating all Trump associates as if they’re the mafia,” Nunberg added. “And he’s very selective about that. And I just wish that he would treat us Trump associates the way he treated Whitey Bulger’s associates when he worked in Boston because he let them get away with murder literally and figuratively.”

Witt passed on discussing Bulger, the Boston crime boss who went uncaptured for years. While members of the Right have continually tried to link Muller to the lapse in timely prosecution, he, in fact, had no involvement with the case.

Nunberg said he keeps in touch with Stone, and that the two have been texting.

“My last phone conversation with Roger was the Saturday before my Friday grand jury appearance, where I explained to Roger that I had received a subpoena, and his name is one of the people where I would have to hand over all communications,” Nunberg said. “I have not had a phone conversation with Roger since that Saturday. We’ve exchanged sporadic texts. This week I sent him a text telling him how much I liked his new book, Stone Rules, which is great. And later he had sent me an e-mail thanking me for comments I made in a Bloomberg article where I said, Alex, that at the end of the day, I’m glad Mueller that wants to investigate and give this forensic to Roger in terms of Julian Assange because Roger will be vindicated by the fact that he never had any foreknowledge of any of Podesta’s emails.”

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