Scaramucci Calls For 25th Amendment to be Invoked Due to Trump’s ‘Full Blown Insanity’

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Former White House Communications Director — turned vocal Trump critic — Anthony Scaramucci appeared Bill Press’s podcast Tuesday and raised his recent attacks on his former boss President Donald Trump to a whole new level.

Press asked his guest if he agreed with frequent Trump critic (and husband to Senior White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway) George Conway if he agreed that people should raise questions about the president’s mental stability and that officials should consider invoking the 25th Amendment.

“A thousand percent,” Scaramucci replied, adding “I don’t understand how elected public servants of the longest-standing Republican democracy in existing world history, a 243-year-old Republican democracy could have this sort of full-blown insanity on display and not act.”

He then went on to note specific examples of what Scaramucci clearly note as behavior unbecoming of the highest office, perhaps most personally, Trump’s use of the presidential Twitter feed to attack private citizens, most notably, his wife.

While it’s not terribly unique to hear Scaramucci criticize his former boss and ideological ally, calling for the 25th Amendment to be invoked because the sitting president is unable to serve due to his “full-blown insanity on display” is certainly a new level of disparagement from the former White House Communications director.

Listen above via Bill Press Pod.

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