Scaramucci Piles on ‘Bad Hire’ Steve Bannon: ‘He Just Didn’t Want To Play Inside the Sandbox’

Anthony Scaramucci joined CNN’s Chris Cuomo in primetime Tuesday night, and naturally one of the first things to be brought up was Steve Bannon’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Back in August of last year, Scaramucci was hired and then (very) quickly fired as White House communications director after an interview of him went public. In the interview Scaramucci discussed his disdain for the then-White House Chief Strategist, using especially colorful language. 

Cuomo started out saying, “The president says he always hires the best people, how do you explain him having Steve Bannon?”

“Well, I would say that Steve had a voice. Steve was a good writer. Steve — the biggest problem that Steve had in my opinion and I said it, I didn’t say it perfectly, he was more focused on Steve.” Scaramucci added, “Well, he’s not a team player.”

The Mooch went on to praise his own abilities to evaluate talent, which prompted Cuomo to ask, “Do you think Steve Bannon was a good hire?”

“I don’t,” the political figure said. “I think he was a bad hire, not because he wasn’t talented, not because he wasn’t smart and quote on quote strategic, he just didn’t want to play inside the sandbox with the other people. He was splitting people between nationalism and globalism, and to really understand the president, you know, there’s a nuance to him as well. He is a globalist by nature.”

Cuomo came back with, “That’s not what Bannon wanted.”

He asked Scaramucci if he feels any sense of “satisfaction” over today’s news. Scaramucci said, “I feel a sense of relief for the President that he can now put this distraction beside him, he doesn’t have to deal with it anymore.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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