Sean Hannity Renews Attack on Ben Sasse: He ‘Conned Me and the People of Nebraska’


Fox News host Sean Hannity did not let Sen. Ben Sasse‘s civility slight go unnoticed.

Instead, just hours after Sasse (R-NE)  went on CNN and questioned his business model and on-air civility on Sunday, Hannity took to Twitter to up the ante on their existing feud.

Earlier today on CNN, Sasse said this, referring to both Hannity and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who he said don’t give the other side a fair shake: “Both of them have the same basic business model, which is to try to intensify the political addictions to the one percent of America that is listening.”

He added: “The business model people like Hannity advance it is not good for the next generation.”

Hannity was not impressed.

“Con Artist says Hannity is ‘Bad for America,’ while lecturing Hannity on Civility?” Hannity wrote, sharing the Washington Times’ report on Sasse’s words on CNN.

The Fox News host was not done yet.

Just minutes later, he tweeted out an article from his own page showing when Sasse was “sucking up” to get elected.

Then Hannity wrote this:

It is hardly the first time Hannity has Twitter attacked Sasse or even the first time he called him a con artist.

Earlier this month, after excerpts of Sasse’s new Hannity-trashing book surfaced, Hannity wrote on Twitter, “I know you are a con artist and phony. I know you desperately want access to my 600 amazing talk radio stations and to the number one show in all of Cable news.”

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